10 amazing ideas to utilize the space under the sink for storage

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 Kitchen units by John Gauld Photography

A small apartment mandates a smart design that offers plentiful practicality in a
neat & visually sound manner. This means that the furniture, furnishings,
decor as well as storage convenience need to be arranged sans a chaotic/ dingy
look. But howsoever contemporary the design be, it takes no experts to
understand that in order to maintain a clean interior space, a proper
arrangement is a MUST. And if you have suitable storage space, tidy
organization is not a herculean task.

paucity of spaces makes it essential that the interior design be accomplished
in a creative manner, making the most of the available space & optimizing
it tastefully. Be it the living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom,
out-of-the-box thinking can do wonders for tidy storage. Multipurpose cabinets,
pop-up shelves, concealed furniture-cum-cabinetry….the list is endless.

Kitchen is among the spaces that easily get cluttered because of the sundry items to be
stored. So, for a kitchen with limited dimensions, storage can become a tricky
business unless all the available space is thoughtfully put to use. The space
under the sink is one particular example that oftentimes gets overlooked as a
potential storage space, and today’s homify article is going to celebrate this
space as a wonderful storage area with 10 great ideas.

a good look at these lovely ideas and draw inspiration for clever storage sans
hogging a lot of floor area. Curious? Read on!

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