10 small house designs that break preconceptions about small size

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modern Dining room by 築川室內裝修設計有限公司

If you are among those who consider small homes uncomfortable, this homify article may change your mind to an extent. Oftentimes
a small house tends to be undervalued due to the dimensions listed on the floor
plan, even though it has many advantages that large sized houses do not have.

The biggest advantage of a small home is that it is most
of the times reasonably priced and relatively easier to maintain. For those who
cannot dedicate a lot of time on housework on a daily basis, a small sized home
is a much better choice than a big, high maintenance one. This article offers 10
such small house designs that successfully counter pre-conceived notions about
small-sized dwellings. These designs in a variety of styles- modern,
minimalist, eclectic, Scandinavian, etc. – blend practicality with smart
styling that saves space without compromising on the visual or utilitarian
aspects of the functional areas.

These tasteful designs, created thoughtfully by
professional experts, celebrate the available space and the functional elements
without making the interior spaces look chaotic. Have a look & pick your

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