Porcelain Vs. Ceramic tile: a detailed comparison

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Tiles are a very popular option when we are looking to pimp up our home spaces, particularly
bathrooms and kitchens. Not only floors but walls & wall segments can also
be covered using tiles. Interior architects and tilers have time & again
emphasized on using the correct tile for every room, depending upon its endurance
and possible extent of wear.

A majority of us believe that porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles are one and the same thing. BUT,
that’s not quite right. Although both porcelain and
ceramic tiles are from the same family of tiles with porcelain
being among the many varieties of ceramic tile, porcelain tile is made from a much more refined material. Depending upon where you intend to install it, one
may be a better option than the other.

Let us consider some situations and logically
figure out which one is the winner in this scenario-wise porcelain vs. ceramic
tile showdown!

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