How to turn the smallest spaces into the coziest places (6 easy tricks!)

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modern Kitchen by Holzgeschichten

We can’t all be lucky enough to have great big sprawling estates with vast rooms ready to decorate, which means that we need to get a little more, how should we say…creative! Of course, there are a number of interior designers, such as those in New York, who have made their names decorating modest homes in such a way as to make small spaces become enviable cozy niches and today, we’re going to share some of our favorite initiatives with you. 

By the end of this article, you’ll no longer see a bijou modern kitchens as a stumbling block or less than enormous living rooms as something to mourn, as you’re going to have a wealth of ideas for making them work a whole lot harder and smarter for you! Are you ready to open up more space in your home than you ever though possible, while enjoying a cozy aesthetic? Then let’s get started!

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